San Gennaro Feast | Memorium Gallery
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Memorium Gallery

Society of San Gennarro Feast of Nevada, Vincent (Jimmy) Palmisiano, Anthony Palmisiano, The following photos below contain a blessing from the Popes to Anthony Palmisano and the San Gennaro Feast.  A Special Apostolic blessing that occurred. Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis.

The following photos below are certificates received from the city of Las Vegas and various other organizations.

In May of 2012, With the Sister City of Phoenix, Arizona and Cantania, Sicily, 150 Students brought gifts to the sick children.  Emilio also played his accordion for the sick children.

On May 17, 2012, Emilio Baglioni and Anthony Palmisano were Knighted in the “Ordine Dei Cabalieri di Federico II” for keeping the Italian Culture live aboard in its Food, Music and Arts in America.  This took place in Cantania, Messina, Sicily, May 17, 2012.

In September 19, 2008, Mr. Anthony Palmisano and Family donated this Statue of San Gennaro to “Ciro Giorgio Family Shrine” in Naples, Italy.

On January 5, 2007, The Devotees (Anthony Palmisano & Family Heidi, Tiana, Talia, Tayla, Anthony and Angelo) donated the Statue of San Gennaro, as well as Jesus Christ and Saint Francis Coat of Arms to the “Most Precious Blood Church,” which is located at 109 Mulberry St., Little Italy, New York.  Jesus Christ and Saint Francis Coat of Arms can be seen towards the front of the church.

In 2007, Anthony Palmisano was presented the “Key To The City” of Las Vegas by Mayor Oscar Goodman.

May 2006, “San Gennaro Shrine” in Naples, Italy.

May 2006, Walking With The Royal Family in Naples, Italy.